YVW Updates
  • Application Forms

  • Building & DevelopingBuilding & Developing

    Building over a  easement or asset
    to water & sewer infrastructure
    Replacing a missing or damaged meter
    Locating property assets on and/or near a property
    Request a Statement of Compliance

  • Water & Sewer ServicingWater & Sewer Servicing

    General and technical information and metering standards and drawings.

  • Developers & ConsultantsDevelopers & Consultants

    How the development process works. This includes:
    Development Deeds
    Creation of estates & stages and assets
    Consultant/contractor accreditation
    Instructions on how to use the Works Portal and Webmap – GIS.

  • Solicitors & ConveyancersSolicitors & Conveyancers

    Water Information Statement,
    Rates Settlement Statement
    Property Sewerage Plan required when buying and/or selling property
    Understand Encumbrance Certificates.